Name: Ivan Golemdzhiyski

Born: 1971 in Bulgaria

Lives: Cheltenham, UK

Time online: 13 years

Vocation: Freelancer, Online entrepreneur

Ivan Golemdzhiyski also known as Ivan G. here. If you have landed on this page it meant you wanted to learn a bit more about me. I was born in Bulgaria and studied low voltage electronics in high school. After that I went to the national military university and 5 years later I ended in army as a communication officer and engineer. Pay was all right at the beginning but when recession started melting my salary I started looking for additional income online. That was back in 2008.

First I started with traffic exchanges, PTC and text ad exchanges. I used to spend all night every night in front of my PC monitor for first 6 months without any success. Later on I started my first membership site and rushed into the world of online advertising. Since then I have built many different membership sites with much better success.

I quit the army in 2011 and started working full time online selling digital products and services.

This site is the place where you can contact me, order and pay for already arranged project, digital products or for online consultation.